Installation Instructions for Roller Blinds - Comonh Blinds

Installation Instructions for Roller Blinds

A few simple tools are required:

  • Measuring tape
  • Power drill, drill bits
  • Hex head and/or Phillips driver bit
  • Pencil


Bracket positions illustrated are for a blind with the control chain on the right. For a blind with the control chain on the left the brackets should be at the opposite ends. Brackets can be fixed to any flat surface above, behind or to the side of the blind. They must be level to ensure the smooth operation of the blind. Check that the rolled up fabric will not touch any surface. To calculate the spacing between the brackets add 32mm (1 1/4″) to the width of the blind fabric. Fix the brackets so that the outsides of the brackets are this distance apart.

Fitting the Brackets

Hold the blind to the brackets with the fabric hanging from the back of the blind. Fit the spring plunger into its bracket. Push the blind into this bracket, depressing the plunger. With the locating hook pointing downwards place the hook into the vertical part of the ‘+’ shaped hole in the bracket. Allow the hook to drop downwards so that it locks into place in the bracket.

Fitting the Blind